Staff Training

Developing a high performance team is only possible with effective training. Your employees are the most important people in your business because they deal with your customers and represent your organisation on your behalf. Your employees need to know everything that is expected from them and need to be the experts in their field.

KPI Consulting have developed a range of training modules that can be customized to your requirements. We have trained and developed multi award winning, market leading teams in their industries and we can do the same for you.

Contact Centre Training

A well trained contact centre team is the heart of your operation and provides your customer with confidence in your business. Our Contact Centre Training will teach your team about the basics in call handling, including etiquette, rapport, asking the right questions, listening, negotiations, closing and conclusion.

Credit Control Training

Our Credit Control Training helps you reduce the additional costs required to chase late payments by training your team to adopt effective credit management strategies, identify the signs of risk within your customer base and react faster to prevent impact on your business while maintaining healthy relationships.

"FREEFALL" Leadership Program

Our "FREEFALL" Leadership Program helps new leaders overcome real issues - real issues derived from real experiences and lessons learnt from real mistakes made along the way.

Negotiations Training

Our Negotiations Training helps your team understand the underlying structures and dynamics to be able to establish trust and influence negotiation counterparts, which solves problems and achieves results.

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