I have worked with Dara over the course of many years.  He has been involved in the management of performance of tranches of debt that was outsourced and sold to the organisation he worked for.  I always found Dara to be a highly engaged and extremely capable individual.  He understood his business extremely well and never failed to deliver outstanding performance.  Aligned to that he was a very professional and pleasant individual with work with.  No query was too big or too small and he never left us waiting for an answer for long.
Matthew McGrath
Director of Operations, AvantCard
Dara is a detail-oriented, process driven, highly accessible executive. He has been involved in all levels of operational, and strategic, decision making within his position on the Senior Management team, and has led the Operations Department in an exemplary manner. I have watched him listen to the ideas of employees on the front lines and use their experiences to formulate successful strategies that have helped us to achieve and maintain a position as a leader in the industry. He is a natural people manager, and strongly believes in developing people, as well as himself. He has a competitive nature and determination that cannot be beaten, and has earned the respect of everyone in the company. His high level of expertise, healthy self-confidence and excellent leadership skills combine to make him the very best person in my opinion.
Sean Webb
Managing Director, Cabot Financial (Europe)
Dara has a great work ethic and was a pleasure to work with. He came to our office for 3 days, was very discreet and didn’t disrupt any of our day to day. After sitting out on the floor and looking at our processes in great detail, he was full of helpful suggestions including a few quick wins. He has transformed the way our call centre operates and myself and my team could not be more grateful. I’m sure that we will be using Dara again in the future.
Stephen McGann
Operations Manager, Aladdin Schools
Engaging with Dara has allowed us to critically analyse our current processes and procedures, identify our inefficiencies and design new strategies which has resulted in dramatically improved performance, from both our team and our financials. Dara worked with management and staff to identify areas for improvement, and assisted with the identification of a suitable system that would fulfil our needs. He assisted our Procurement team with the tender, advised on the selection process, and worked with us to design the process to upload into the new system. This system, and process, has become an integral part of our operation, and has significantly improved our efficiencies. Since this project, Dara has worked with other Departments within this County Council, and has delivered similar results. I would be delighted to recommend him to any County Council and am confident of the value that he brings.
Seamus Begley
Head of Management Accounting, Wexford County Council

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