Develop your next generation of leaders with KPI’s New Manager Training

Becoming a new leader is daunting and has many pitfalls. From working within a team one day to managing a team the next, it’s a new set of skills.

From our experience over the past 20 years, we have developed a range of training modules that help new leaders overcome real issues - real issues derived from real experiences and lessons learnt from real mistakes made along the way.


New Manager Training Modules

  • So, I’m a manager now….what do my manager and staff expect from me?

  • Managing in both directions – upwards and downwards

  • Time Management

  • Leading from the front

  • Team Organisational Structure and Design

  • Influencing others to achieve common goals

  • Creating a culture to be proud of

  • Treating staff fairly and effectively

  • Ethics in Business

Junior Management Training

  • One on one coaching

  • Independent advice

  • Strategic problem solving

  • Being your own manager

  • Introduction to Employment Law

  • Your responsibilities to your team and your business

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