Teach your Team to Negotiate Effectively

Understanding how to negotiate effectively is crucial to success in both professional and personal life. Every moment of every day can involve some form of negotiation and understanding the underlying structures and dynamics to be able to establish trust and influence negotiation counterparts which solves problems and achieves results.


We can help your team with the fundamentals of effective negotiation;

  • Preparing for the negotiation

  • Listening Skills

  • Rapport Building

  • Problem Solving

  • Assertiveness

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • Overcoming our perceptions

Dara Kiernan has 20 years professional negotiations experience and his teams have learnt to negotiate with a large range of consumers and businesses, for a larger range of products and services. His multi award winning teams have been so successful due to the manner in which they negotiate repayment terms with their customers, ensuring that the unfavourable conversation is NOT an unfavourable experience.

In the world of credit & collections, effective negotiations and excellent customer relations are the only measurements needed to identify a successful team.

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