Lean Six Sigma for Call Centre

Streamline your Processes to Improve Performance

We’ve had over a decade of experience designing and implementing streamlined processes to improve performance. By identifying each of the steps in the process, we can identify the waste by highlighting the ‘value added’ activities, and the ‘non-value added’ activities, of each step. Reducing the number of steps it takes to complete a task improves performance.

Lean Six Sigma at KPI Consulting Ireland

What is Lean Six Sigma and how can this help my business?

Lean Six Sigma creates value for you and your business by reducing the waste from your processes.

When businesses begin, business processes are streamlined and effective, and most importantly, profitable. As businesses grow , additional sub-processes are added. Over time, these additional sub-processes ‘grow legs of their own’ which start to make the business run less efficiently. Using Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we help you remove unnecessary wastage returning to a more streamlined, profitable business.

Business Process Optimisation

We will analyse your existing processes, not just design, but teach you how to design your new processes, and assist you with the implementation and delivery to your team. We will optimise the use of technology to automate any steps to reduce manual input, and create a 'process driven culture' in your team.



These ‘wastes’ are generally categorised into 8 principles, commonly known as TIMWOODS, and can be related to both manufacturing and service industries;

Lean Six Sigma TIMWOODS

Sometimes, external eyes can see clearer when not wearing internal goggles! Don’t waste time and energy performing activities that you don’t need to. Speak to Dara, our qualified Lean Six Sigma expert, for more information.

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