Develop your next generation of leaders with KPI Consulting's 'FREEFALL' Leadership Program

Using "Freefall," learners embark on a thrilling journey into the world of skydiving, exploring the exhilarating and challenging experiences that parallel the dynamics of effective leadership. Drawing parallels between the daring leaps from thousands of feet above ground and the decision-making processes within leadership, this course delves into the profound lessons derived from the art of controlled descent.

Through riveting narratives of skydiving adventures, we unfold a tapestry of leadership principles, emphasizing the importance of risk-taking, calculated decision-making, adaptability, and resilience. Each module is a parachute jump into a new aspect of leadership, offering insights on navigating uncertainty, fostering trust, and inspiring teams to soar to new heights.

"Freefall" is a guide for leaders seeking to harness the power of adrenaline-fueled wisdom, applying the principles of skydiving to elevate their leadership to unprecedented altitudes. As learners explore the boundless skies and gripping anecdotes, they discover actionable strategies for leading with courage, clarity, and a steadfast commitment to reaching new horizons.


"FREEFALL" Leadership Modules

  • Foundations of Leadership

  • Resilience in Action

  • Empowering Teams for Success

  • Effective Communication Mastery

  • Fostering Innovation for Growth

  • Adaptive Leadership Decision-Making

  • Legacy Leadership

  • Lifelong Learning Mindset

Further Management Training

  • One on one coaching

  • Independent advice

  • Strategic problem solving

  • Being your own manager

  • Introduction to Employment Law

  • Your responsibilities to your team and your business

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