Call Centre Performance

Call Centre Performance

Developing a high performance call centre team is all about achieving that extra 5-10%. Working smarter can help you achieve this. Over the past 20 years we have worked in a number of call centre environments dealing with both corporate and consumer customers and have realised through experience that the only way to improve performance is to identify the steps within the process and eliminate the wastage.

Using a number of tools, we can identify these steps and streamline your processes to ensure that your team operates at the highest level.

Call Centre Audit

Our Call Centre Audit allows us to identify the areas of improvement within your processes, review the structure of your team and organisation, understand reporting requirements, analyse employee engagement and attrition, and recognise training needs and knowledge gaps.

Call Centre Strategies

Our Call Centre Strategies have been developed over the years to ensure that your team is optimising its time. We can develop and implement inbound and outbound dialling strategies which will help you increase your sales or enhance your customer service. We review your business requirements, use of technology, management information suites, service hours and most importantly, your methods of communication with your customers.

Call Centre Dashboards

Our Call Centre Dashboards are custom made and can provide your team with a live view of their performance ensuring that your managers are coaching and developing their teams rather than spending their days updating reports.


Our Gamification tools bring a little fun into the call centre environment and create an energetic, competitive and exciting place to work. We add games or game-like elements to daily tasks so as to encourage participation and increase productivity.

Lean Six Sigma

Using Lean Six Sigma methodologies, we streamline your processes by highlighting the ‘value added’ and ‘non-value added’ activities of each step, thereby maximising efficiency and reducing waste.