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The COVID-19 impact is being felt through every business across the world. From staff motivation while remotely working, to cashflow through collections activities, and many others, it's crucial to ensure all strategies and processes are efficient and effective. We believe in an ethical, responsible, results-driven approach. Experts in Collections, Customer Service and Team Motivation, we develop your team to work smarter rather than harder, introducing new innovative ideas while changing culture and mind set to dramatically improve performance.

Achieve optimal call centre performance with KPI consulting

Call Centre Performance

Developing a high performance call centre team is all about achieving that extra 5-10%. KPI Consulting ensures your team never settles for less.
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Call Centre Credit Management

Credit Management

Developing an effective credit management policy and maintaining relationships with your customers can be a difficult balancing act. Ask us how we can help.
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Manager Training - Side view of female manager assisting her staff in a call centre.

Management Training

With over 20 years experience in professional development , we can help you grow and inspire your next generation of leaders.  
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Gamification for Call Centres


The ultimate in staff motivation! Inspire enthusiasm by making the hard stuff in work fun. Effective, competitive games proven to achieve results and reduce staff attrition.
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Debt Collection Strategies - 'Paid Stamp

Debt Collection Strategies

We use ethical and responsible strategies to improve your collections performance while maintaining excellent customer relations. KPI Consulting can show you how.
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KPI Consulting - diagram of business improvement process

Lean Six Sigma

We streamline processes to remove waste and boost your bottom line. Our Lean Six Sigma methodologies will improve your call centre, step by step.  
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We are passionate about cultivating results-driven high performance teams Sales, Customer Service, Collections & Administration

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